20 best ideas. Anyone can make a difference toward millions

1. Save first, spend later

2. Study wealthy people, understand how they think. Choose the right model

what do they do

3. Ask for help, asking is a good practice, if you want to learn about money ask the guru! self worth

4. Do regular visualizations, walk around each day imagining you everything you have.

5. Make a joy list

6. Continually stretch yourself. continue learning … push the boundaries, stretching … moving out of the comfort zone.

7. Get comfortable with money. practice writing cheques, don’t leave them lying around

8. Always give more than you paid for. All people will give value … quality control

9. An attitude of gratitude … opposite of poverty consciousness … thank you to God! Today’s gratitude, buys you tomorrows Happiness.

10. stop saying poverty is a problem, and treat it as a challenge.

11. Watch out of those patterns of poverty. Feel good about paying bills.

12. Stop wasting time on unimportant things, focus and

13. Write down good ideas as soon as it’s onto you. Took action and note on the idea

14. Regularly practice the positivity technique. Continue thinking financial success

15. Make sure you pay yourself. Every month write yourself a cheque

16. Know your weaknesses

17. Get in touch of you passion everyday.

18. Take the fear taking out of money. Risk is the currency of the Gods

19. Charge what you truly worth

20. Keep going!

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