Focus as Andre

Hello there. Just want to share some points I have consilidated from the past readings and studies about how to be consistently upgrading your financial and personal development. So here’s mine to share for you and I do hope you’ll share yours too. So we can exchange ideas.

  1. Stop obessing about Money
  2. Start tracking how many People I help
  3. Stop thinking about making a Million $, and start serving a Million people.
  4. See “making money” as a way to make more things.
  5. Do 1 thing better, (J 1 T) = Just One at a Time … (work, train, learn, practice, evaluate, refine)
  6. Make 10 best People
  7. Consistently track your Progress
  8. Build routine that ensures progress.

From these list, I’m making sure I’m hitting more that half of it so I don’t be get bored and disappointed each in every week. I do a lot of homework and beside I do some technical stuff online so part of these items were covered already.

Later on, I’ll share another insights about Personal development and doing some Executive approach rather than sitting on your couch and watching TVs / Movies. Get up and practice yourself to do more progress everyday.

See ya!

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