Home Recipe for Medium Rare Rib Eye Stake

Hi there, It’s Lunar Year 2015 Folks and I wish a Happy New Year to my Singaporean Friends and also Chinese People all over the world 🙂 Gong Xi Fa Cai 😉

11015243_10204877913562168_1050409875_nI happen to dropped by FairPrice Grocery Store and something pop-out from my mind to crave a stake for tonight. What I was thinking is a medium rare stake. So to cut the story short.

I grab a certian grams of Rib-Eye Stake in the meat counter and collect some seasonings.

11016652_10204877914562193_2030697521_n 11006065_10204877913082156_541068484_n

How I did it? Well, just follow these simple steps and your tummy will indulge a yummy evening.

1. Seasoned the Stake, just some pinched of a salt, and shower it with Ground Pepper.

11002447_10204877912482141_1479494155_o 10999529_10204877911082106_1246825346_o

2. Heat the Frying Pan and make sure you saw some smoke coming up as indicator of heat before putting the Olive Oil.

11014708_10204877909722072_1868446373_n 11007698_10204877914762198_1931494859_n

3. Once the Olive Oil is hot and ready for fry. Then you put the seasoned Rib Eye Stake for cooking. 🙂


4. Cook it for 2-3 minutes at least until its brown and  you can pintch it with a Toothpick so check the tenderness of the meat and if its cooked or enough.

5. Once cooked and you think it’s half tender and and well-done, time to put some Butter as seasoning with Cummin Seeds for smell and taste.11015963_10204877909322062_2039978387_n

5. Grab a Garlic and crunched it then mixed it in, and it will serve as a brush to your stake for additional spices. Put some Parsley Flakes for aroma of course 😉


6. Cooking this Rib-Eye Graclic/Butter Stake takes only about 3-6 minutes and not more than 8mins because we’re aiming for a medium rare.

And WALAH!!!!

11003460_10204877908322037_1120789330_o 10912396_10204877908642045_1186196335_o

Serve it  with Fresh Fruit Juice for a Balance Diet. 😉


Thanks for viewing guys 😉 Let’s EAT!!!

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