I’m Back and It’s April


After a long journey of mist in my life during the past months, Now I can say that I’m fully grown to move ahead this year and next coming years in the future.

I was away for 5months due to some personal reasons that I couldn’t catch up posting a blog of mine. Some cases and occasions that catches my attention like some small, part-time, freelance business that needs my full-time. Thats it, running those jobs is a bit messy. I did a quick glance at first I couldn’t agree the quality of how it was handled. Then I did it myself.

Later part of this month I’ll showcase some of the things I’ve done so far for the past 5months. Reviewing my past post was last Nov 2015. Most of it is onto Tech stuff that I need to post for my notes as well.

This month we’ll be blogging articles related to my beautiful place BOHOL (of course my Province) about facts and figures. I’ll be checking some sights and looking forward to my vacation in my hometown soon. It will be our Diocese Festival on May 1st (Labor Day)


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