Linux / Unix – Crontab: no crontab for user

Linux / Unix – Crontab: no crontab for user ?

I am trying to set cronjob on a Unix systems by running the crontab -e command.

But, I’m getting the following error:

How do I fix this issue on a Linux or Unix-like systems?

You need to set correct environment variable called EDITOR. It appers that either vi is not installed or /usr/bin/vi is a symbolic link to vim editor. To edit the current crontab using the editor specified by the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variables, enter:

$ crontab -e

But, if EDITOR  is not set, so you will see an error as follows:

export EDITOR=vim

Finally, try to edit or set new cron jobs, enter:

crontab -e

I recommend that you edit your shell ~/.bashrc file and append the following line:

export EDITOR=vim



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