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Anong Plano Mo? (What’s your Plan?) 😀


Usap Tayo … (Let’s Talk …) Variable Life Insurance (VUL) 😀

I’m wondering where will my payments be invested?

Then I found the brochure which helps me understand well on the current Policy I’ve ventured in Money Works.


MONEYWORKS – as low as P1,668 per month!


Paying Period – 5 yrs., 7 yrs., 10 yrs. or Regular Pay

Typical Bank Savings Account offers a maximum of 2% return per annum for Time Deposit. PAMI Investment Funds offer 9-21% return per annum.

With an inflation rate of 3.2%, every time you put money in the bank it loses its VALUE. You work hard to achieve your dreams. However, your hard earned savings are not growing as much as you want them to.

MoneyWorks is a unit-linked savings plan where benefits are linked to the performance of your chosen investment fund. The performance of the fund depends on prevailing market conditions.

High Long-Term Earning Potential

MoneyWorks invests your savings in expertly managed by Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI) that earn higher returns than bank deposits over time. This builds your plan s savings or Account Value.

Life Insurance Benefit

Should anything happen to you, your loved ones will get the higher of your plan s Account Value or life insurance coverage equal to 25 times your yearly payments.

Full Control of your Savings

MoneyWorks allows you to choose your desired fund based on your risk appetite, switch funds or change fund share depending on your investment goal. Simply choose your preferred option at the onset of your plan or adjust them as your needs change.

Easy on the Pocket Options

No one-time cash outlay is needed you can save in as short as 5 years. With our regular-pay option, you can start with as low as Php2,000 per month. Plus, it allows you to boost your savings anytime through top-up premium payments of as low as Php 1,000.

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